What you need to know before you select a conveyor system.

What you need to know before you select a conveyor system. 


Asking the right questions of your supplier can assure that you have the right system for the job.

Just like the products they carry, conveyor equipment comes in all shapes and sizes.

Before you buy a system, you need to be certain it is designed for the work you intend.

Too large a system wastes money. Too small a system could damages product or create a bottle-necks. The key is to design a system that is the best of both worlds and that is where we come in. At General Conveyor Inc we just don’t sell you a conveyor we design it to work.

General Conveyor Inc, your local Hytrol dealer.


  • Complete system design, panel building and programming as per customer specifications..
  • Any NEMA rating required.
  • CSA approved panels are standard.
  • Wiring is numbered and colour-coded.
  • Full program and electrical drawings included with every project.
  • Need Help? We offer full product support, including program changes, schematics and machine integration.
  • For service, we work with you schedule to help minimize down time and get you running without disturbing production.
  • CAD design.

From simple panels to more involved (find something more suitable) technology including HMI’s, PLC’s and VFD’s, our Controls department can provide the most efficient solution possible. In addition to new systems, cutting edge solutions can be integrated with the older technology of existing equipment.

We also offer safety upgrades, spare part replacement, integration support and on-site field service.Learn more.

  • Standard duty with welded, heavy gauge steel frames.
  • Adjustable pallet sizes from 38″x38″ up to 48″x48″.
  • 600 lb or 12 pallet capacity.
  • Wood, metal or plastic pallets.
  • Easily incorporated into existing equipment.
  • Can be supplied with control panel for fully automatic operation.
  The RA10 pallet dispenser is an automatic dispenser capable of handling various pallet sizes with minimal change-over time. All lift and dispensing mechanisms are pneumatically performed. No internal take-away conveyor is required, since the pallet is pneumatically pushed onto your existing line conveyor. Pallets can be loaded manually or by lift truck from three sides. This machine can be retrofitted too. Learn more

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