Hytrol Conveyor and Canadian Partner General Conveyor Inc Provided Solution for Product Sterilization Facility.

 Hytrol Conveyor and Canadian Partner General Conveyor Inc. Provided Solution for Product Sterilization Facility

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, and dealer/partner, General Conveyor Inc, provided an efficient solution for Product Sterilization Facility.

Kevin Jones Technical Sales at GeneralConveyor Inc said the project began by a need todeveloped a conveyor system to transport Case of different size from a pallet conveyor to a second floor conveyor line.

GCCL added more pallet stackers/dispensers and more conveyor line to support those, they also made pallet handling conveyors to transport full pallets through automated wrappers continuing to the end of the line.

Kevin Jones, noted, “We use Hytrol Pallet Handling Conveyors with the accumulation features to automate the wrapping of our pallets and to distribute those pallets to the warehouse. This helped us reduce operator touches.”

General Conveyor and Hytrol Conveyor have been working together for 6 years. The teams bring together experienced engineers and emerging technologies for integrated material handling systems.

About General Conveyor Inc.

Founded in 1949, General Conveyor Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based inAurora, Ontario – about 20 minutes north of Toronto. The GCCL product line includes all types of conveyor systems, packaging machinery, pallet stackers/pallet dispensing equipment, robotic automations, innovative system integration, advanced technology distribution, qualified technical support, and service of all supplied equipment. Our primary focus is in the food, personal care, pharmaceutical, beverage, irradiation, plastics and warehousing industries.

GeneralConveyor’s reputation for providing high performance products and service translates to satisfied customers worldwide. General Conveyor ongoing commitment and investment in advanced technology and manufacturing methods ensures minimal waste, superior quality, lower costs, and competitive value.